While it may seem like a throwback to a simpler time, the luxury of a house call also brings the ability to serve you in a way that can't otherwise be accomplished as effectively.

Getting taken care of in your own home allows for a more relaxed atmosphere.
One where each session is entirely yours.
If you need a little extra time at the end of the session, it's yours.
Then once we're done, there's no need for you to immediately run to the car
and confront the more hectic pace of our roadways.
You get to sit and relax in comfort for as long as you wish.

I look forward to being able to offer you the highest quality care
in the most convenient, comfortable atmosphere available.

Ready to feel better? Just give me a call...

Jeff Overstreet PTA LMT FT CHC

Certified Fitness Coach
Physical Therapist Assistant
Licensed Massage Therapist
Fitness Trainer
Gladly accepting private clients

  With a prescription,
you can also use your

Restorative Therapies, inc.
Myofascial Release
Rehabilitative Therapies
CranioSacral Therapy
Quality Care with the Convenience of a House call